How to Become Less Risky

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What are insurance prices based on?

How to Become Less Risky

There are many different factors that go into developing car insurance prices, and one of the most important is risk. The amount of risk you as a driver pose to your insurance company will go far in determining what insurance prices you're quoted.

If you're young and inexperienced, you may be perceived as a riskier driver than someone who is older and has driven for a number of years. Also, no matter what age you are, if you have a history of accidents, tickets, and general poor driving or poor judgment, you'll be seen as a riskier client than those who do not, which means you'll be charged higher insurance prices.

There are some ways to display reduced risk to insurers and drive down the insurance prices you're quoted. One of these methods is to take a defensive driving class on your own. Another way is to have a car with automatic seat belts and airbags so that the risk of injury within your car is reduced.

Of course the best way to show that you're a low-risk driver and a low-risk customer is to follow speed limits, drive carefully, and reduce the number of accidents you have and tickets you get.



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