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Should I get my insurance from one company?

Buy All of Your Insurance From One Company To Get Low Cost Car Insurance

Many insurance companies offer not only car insurance but life and house insurance as well. Buying from a “one-stop shop” can garner you sizeable discounts on your auto insurance as well as your home and life insurance. This strategy not only benefits you by lowering your rates, but it also helps you out when filing certain kind of claims. When filing a theft claim, there are some items of personal property that are not covered by your auto insurance, but rather your home insurance. By selecting a central source for all of your insurance needs you can receive maximum benefit for your premium and get low cost car insurance.

How do I get cheap car insurance for my auto?

Insurance Company Discounts Help Keep Car Insurance Cheap

Car insurance companies offer a series of discounts that make insurance cheaper for car owners. Most of these car insurance discounts are based on things the car owner can do to be considered a lower risk.

Commonly available car insurance discounts include:

* Premier Discounts
* Defensive Driver Class Discounts
* Multiple Policy Discounts
* Renewal Discounts
* Auto Safety Discounts
* Good Student Discounts
* Senior Discounts.

The best way to save money is to shop around for cheap car insurance online.

How do I qualify for Multiple Policy Discounts on my car insurance policy?

Multiple Policy Discounts Help Keep Car Insurance Cheap

Insurance companies offer multiple policy discounts to auto owners who also purchase additional policies for home or life insurance. Multiple policy discounts can typically save car owners as much as 10 percent.

How do I qualify for Safe Car Discounts on my car insurance policy?

Safe Car Discounts Help Keep Car Insurance Cheap

Car insurance companies offer Auto Safety Discounts to car owners who purchase vehicles that have safety equipment installed, such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft devices. As safety features become standard on more and more car models, qualifying for the Auto Safety Discount is becoming easier.

How do I qualify for Premier Discounts on my car insurance policy?

Premier Discounts Help Keep Car Insurance Cheap

Car insurance companies offer Premier Discounts to auto owners who have not had any accidents ruled to be their fault in the past five years. The car owner must also not committed any chargeable violations in the same period. All drivers insured on the auto insurance policy must meet these requirements.

How can limiting policy features help me get inexpensive car insurance?

Get Inexpensive Car Insurance By Limiting Policy Features

You can save a lot of money if you evaluate your insurance needs before deciding on a car insurance policy. With a little time and effort, you can get inexpensive car insurance that only covers what you personally need. For example, if you have health insurance that offers complete coverage on hospital expenses, you might want to consider getting little or no personal injury protection coverage on your car insurance policy. Keep in mind that each state has different requirements for the minimum health insurance policy. While some only require liability insurance, others mandate that you must have car insurance that will cover your medical expenses. Check with your state's requirements before making any final decisions.

How do I qualify for Renewal Discounts on my car insurance policy?

Renewal Discounts Help Keep Car Insurance Cheap

Car insurance companies offer Renewal Discounts to drivers who have insured their vehicles with the same car insurance company for a long time, and who have not have any accidents. These safe, long-term drivers are rewarded with significant discounts on their auto insurance premium costs.

How do I qualify for Defensive Driver Class discounts on my car insurance policy?

Defensive Driver Course Discounts Help Keep Car Insurance Cheap

Car insurance companies offer Defensive Driver Discounts to auto owners who voluntarily take a defensive driving course. Defensive driving courses are offered by the National Safety Council, online, and on video.


Looking for Low Cost Car Insurance?

If you are looking for affordable car insurance, look no further than the internet. Sites like offer people the opportunity to find low cost car insurance from high quality companies. If you were looking on your own for the cheapest car insurance you would have to visit multiple brokers or spend all day on the phone reciting your auto coverages one after the other. Hearing the same questions and giving the same answers over and over only to get a quote at the end is tedious and tiring. Going through all that for even the cheapest car insurance is almost more trouble than it's worth. But discount auto insurance can be a breeze to find when you enter your information once online and get back quotes from multiple companies.

If you don't already have your policy in an easy-to-reach spot, call or email your current car insurance company and get your declaration page (or a copy of your whole policy) so you know your coverages. Then use those coverages to fill in the information online to get the discount car insurance quotes while you wait. It is much faster than ever before to find discount automobile insurance from a discount car insurance company and that means you benefit by getting low prices fast.

How can my job help me obtain lower car insurance?

Your Job Can Be Your Key To Lower Car Insurance.

Group plans are offered through many employers and associations. These plans are enticing to insurers and they often go out of their way to offer big discounts and reductions in rates to these types of plans. Alumni organizations are another avenue to hunt for group plans. Some employers even offer further incentives to their employees for signing onto a group plan. Check with your Human Resources director for details.

What types of cars will help me get low cost insurance?

Buying a Car for Low Cost Insurance.

Not all vehicles are created equal in the eyes of your insurance company. There are characteristics that certain vehicles possess that make them privy to higher insurance rates. Everyone thinks of sports cars as being insurance premium black-holes, but there are other signs to watch out for when looking for an insurance-friendly car. Luxury vehicles, high performance vehicles, and even smaller vehicles carry with them sky-high rates. Which cars top the low cost insurance list? Vans and station wagons are still the best value for your insurance dollar. With less theft history, and an acceptable damage range, these cars will not tap your wallet with costly premium hikes.

How can my state representative help me get discount car insurance?

Take Your Fight for Discount Car Insurance to Your State Representative

In many states the need for insurance has been made law. These laws have been formed, developed, and passed by your state legislature. If you feel that the premiums you pay are out of hand then make your feelings known to your state representative. Many state representatives can be reached via email. Let your representative know that you can not afford the high insurance rates and that you feel strongly that something should be down to lower the rates. If the state mandates that having insurance is the law, then isn't it your right as a tax-paying citizen to ask that the insurance companies play fair and not take advantage of this legal loophole?

Do affinity programs offer the cheapest car insurance?

Affinity Programs May Not Offer The Cheapest Car Insurance

Sometimes auto insurers will offer special discounts in conjunction with an auto manufacturer, union or trade association. For example, Ford owners can get discount car insurance rates by buying a policy through The Hartford. This set-up is called an "affinity" program. The discount may look attractive at the onset; however there is no guarantee that you will be receiving the cheapest car insurance policy. It is recommended that you research affinity programs with the same thorough manner that you would any car insurance policy. Compare the affinity program to your other car insurance options to determine whether it is actually your cheapest car insurance option.

Can LoJack help me get discount car insurance?

Installing a LoJack Can Lead To Discount Car Insurance

Most insurance companies offer discount auto insurance for anti-theft devices installed on your vehicle. Not all of these devices are created equal, there is one such device on the market that protects your car even after it's been compromised. The LoJack system is a transmitter that you install in your vehicle. This system is clandestine in appearance and is undetectable by even seasoned car thieves. The LoJack emits a signal to area authorities to be tracked. Many states use the LoJack system so the opportunity for discounts is abundant.

How can I find low cost insurance?

Hunting For Low Cost Insurance

The most tried and true method for getting the best deal on your low cost car insurance is to shop around. Seek out as many insurance companies as you can and compare them. What discounts does each one offer? Are they independents who offer many insurance companies or are they vested agents who sell only the insurance products of their particular company? Your state insurance department can provide you with a list of major insurers. This list provides comparisons based on price. You should also ask your others what insurance company they are with and why. Their insight can give you a wealth of information to work with in reaching a decision.

How will my credit help me get car insurance discounts?

Great Car Insurance Discounts for Having Good Credit.

Maintaining a good credit history can lower your insurance rates. Your credit rating plays an important part of your everyday world and has become increasingly more important to insurers. Your insurance company takes your credit history into consideration when figuring your premium. Using credit wisely, paying bills on time, and regularly checking in on your credit report will not only keep your credit rating healthy it will also benefit your bottom line when it comes to lowering your insurance rates.

How can raising my deductible help me get affordable car insurance?

Raising Your Deductible Can Help You Get Affordable Car Insurance

A strategy you can employ to discount your auto insurance is to pay a higher deductible. The deductible is the monetary amount of damage you are liable for before the insurance assumes responsibility. By opting to raise your deductible you will in fact be lowering your rate sometimes by a significant amount allowing you to obtain affordable car insurance. This may be desirable to you if you have a good driving record or happen to drive an older car that would not merit the need for comprehensive or collision insurance.

How can lowering my mileage affect my car insurance rate?

Lowering Your Mileage can Also Lower Your Insurance Rate

Most insurers offer a low mileage discount for customers whose accumulated mileage is lower than the average. There are many ways to achieve this, such as car pooling to work or by taking advantage of mass transit part of the time. By car pooling with a group of friends you may be helping many people take advantage of this discount by lowering the mileage of everyone in the car pool. In this time of high gas prices taking advantage of any discount that rewards you for saving money is a good idea. Check with your agent on the availability and conditions of this option.

How can I get the cheapest car insurance on an older vehicle?

Ditch Unnecessary Coverage

If your car is 15 years or older it might be in your best interest to drop your collision and comprehensive insurance packages. A good rule of thumb to determine this is if your vehicle is worth less than 10 times your current premium. Kelley blue book is the gold standard of car appraisal and even offers an online resource ( to help you determine what your vehicle is worth. By dropping coverage that will be of no value, you can lower your rates significantly and allow you to get the cheapest car insurance.

How can I obtain auto insurance discounts?

Save Big On Your Car Insurance Policy with Auto Insurance Discounts.

With the rising costs there are things that can work in the customer's favor to lower their car insurance policy rate. Auto insurance discounts are credits that your agent can issue for certain safety and incentives made on behalf of the customer. For instance, the anti-lock brake credit is given for vehicles that utilize this safety system. Installing car alarms, lojacks and even steering wheel locks can earn a driver the anti-theft credit. There are credits for those who are environmentally conscious, such as the carpool credit. Younger drivers can take advantage of the good student credit which awards discounts based on academic performance. Talk with your agent today to find out if you are eligible to add any of these money saving discounts to your auto insurance policy.


Cheap Car Insurance for Young Driver

Teenagers. College Students. Care-free (and perhaps cash free) twenty somethings. What do they all need? A way to learn about and acquire cheap car insurance for young drivers.

In most states insurance is required by law. There are a few lucky young drivers whose parents pay the bill for insurance - usually though it is left up to the young driver. The first questions they probably ask are - where and how do I get insurance? What kind do I need? The answer to at least one of those questions is this: you need cheap car insurance for young drivers. You need to have the coverage you need at a price that you can actually afford. How do you go about doing this?

1) Put down the beer bottle and step out of the bar - college student
2) Get off of Myspace and Facebook - teenager
3) Quit living off of Mom and Dad - twenty something.

Now get online (no, this doesn't mean you can get back on Myspace or Facebook , teenagers, at least not yet) and start doing some real searching. There are alot of insurance providers out there ready to give you price quotes and advice. You just have to look. Google, Bing - starting typing and start looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers!

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