When You've Been Dropped by a Car Insurance Company

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How do I obtain auto insurance if I've been dropped by my car insurance company?

When You've Been Dropped by a Car Insurance Company

Your car insurance company may drop your policy for a variety of reasons. You could be dropped for becoming a high-risk client or coverage may end if insurers in your state are suffering business losses. If the insurance company has rising costs, they may become highly selective in choice of clients. When you are dropped from a car insurance company, you are still eligible for insurance but your options for coverage may be limited. Each state has created options for high-risk applicants in the form of a special market. These groups are sometimes called “assigned risk plans” or “residual markets.” Call your state's board of insurance for more information on your state's special market of car insurance options. Act immediately to obtain new insurance and do not drive your vehicle unless you have obtained new coverage.



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