Filing An Auto Insurance Claim Online

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How can I file an auto insurance claim quickly and easily?

Filing An Auto Insurance Claim Online

Most insurance companies now allow their customers to file auto insurance claims online. While the general rule in the past has been to “call immediately” after a decision to file a claim has been made, there are some things to consider. Assessing the damage of your car can be a nerve wracking experience. Major damage is easily visible but what about the unseen problems an accident can cause? Slippage, alignment, even engine or transmission damage are things that aren't noticeable at first glance. Exchanging insurance information and then going home can give you a chance for a closer look. This can also give you some much needed time to think about whether or not you wish to file an auto insurance claim.

The process to file an auto insurance claim online is easy. The interactive online forms are easy to fill out, with clearly defined areas to type in your car insurance policy information. Expect a call from your insurance agent within the next few business days to review the auto insurance claim.



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