Making an auto insurance claim when the other driver is uninsured

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What do I do when I have an auto insurance claim against an uninsured driver?

Making an auto insurance claim when the other driver is uninsured

Stress and frustration both describe how you can feel during an auto accident. This is a trying time and can be full of confusion and high emotion. What do you do if you have to make an auto insurance claim and the other driver is uninsured? First of all, don't panic. This is not a time to worry about rates or damage liability. Make sure that you make a list of any and all damage suffered by both vehicles as well as any physical or property damage.
A simple disposable camera carried in your glove compartment can serve as irrefutable proof of the scope of the accident. Collect any and all information you can gather on the other driver; this includes their driver's license, license plate number, VIN number, and contact information.
Call your insurance agent as soon as possible and explain that you are filing a claim and that the other driver is uninsured. Your agent will be able to inform you of all of the actions your company will take to assess the situation. Most states require liability insurance which will protect you in such a situation. Call your agent today and make sure that you have liability coverage added to your policy.



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