What is Online Car Insurance?

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What is Online Car Insurance?

When looking at auto insurance online quotations you might find yourself wondering what car insurance online really is. Is it a real company that is in a building somewhere or is it all done online without help from people? While the car insurance quote online might be a computer program that is working with insurance companies, the companyies insurance is purchased from are bricks-and-mortar companies, and in many cases there are in-person agents with offices selling the same auto policy that you can get when you buy online auto insurance.

Purchasing your car insurance online can be even more secure than giving your auto information to an agent in the office, and in many cases you are able to get your auto policy and ID cards via email so you don't have to wait for the mail to bring your policy and you don't have to rely on temporary auto insurance cards if something happens or you get pulled over and have to provide proof of insurance.

When researching online auto insurance companies you can check the ratings and opinions of them just like you can with any other insurance company. They are regulated by the same laws that in-person insurance companies are, too. Getting online car insurance just means you got your quote and bought your policy online; you have the same auto coverage as someone who purchases auto insurance offline.



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