About Auto Insurance Claims

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About Auto Insurance Claims

When you have been in an accident, you need to call your insurance agent and file a claim. Your agent may give you auto insurance claim advice to make the process easier and faster. Also, make sure you always follow your car insurance claim procedure as explained by your company, giving the most accurate explanation of the situation that happened.

Here are some other answers to questions and tips on settling auto insurance claims:

  1. Do auto insurance premiums rise after a claim? Not always, but sometimes. If you are with a company that offers first-accident forgiveness you may find your rate does not increase at all after an accident. If you don't have first accident forgiveness your premium may go up to the rate someone with an accident would pay.
  2. How to file claims with auto insurance after accident? A simple phone call is all that's required to file a claim. Some companies even have an online claim submission process. Making an auto insurance claim offer as soon as possible after the accident is critical to getting your car repaired fast.
  3. Should I file an auto insurance claim for my car? It depends on how much damage there is. If there is extensive damage or you feel your car may have to be replaced (and you have full coverage insurance) then a claim is a good idea, but if it is a small dent or repairs that may only be a little bit more expensive than your deductible you may want to take care of it and not risk having a higher insurance premium when your policy is renewed.



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