Buying Rental Car Insurance

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Buying Rental Car Insurance

Do you need rental car insurance? You might. In most cases you have to have comprehensive and collision insurance (also called full coverage insurance) in order to even be allowed to purchase automobile rental insurance. If you want to know is rental car insurance necessary, it isn't necessary the way liability insurance is. It is not required by law, but if you are in an accident and need to get to and from work while your car is in the shop, car insurance for rental cars will be the coverage that gets you there.

If you can afford a rental car out of pocket if you get into an accident, then rental car insurance coverage isn't as important, but the coverage is usually very inexpensive and even if you can afford a rental car, with the price tag of rental cars it might be a money saver to have the rental coverage on your policy.

Here are a few rental car insurance tips:

  1. If you are looking at rental car insurance types (after you determine is car rental insurance necessary) determine how much the coverage will cost and then, if you're really curious if it's a good deal, call some car rental companies and price rental cars. Then you will know what you are paying as compared to how much you would spend paying for it yourself.
  2. Types of car rental insurance are usually expressed in levels of coverage. The higher the level of insurance the nicer or larger the car you can rent in case of an accident. If you are only driving the car until yours is repaired, it isn't necessary to get the highest available level of coverage. That can help you answer the question, "Should I buy rental car insurance?"



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