Car Insurance Questions--Before you Buy

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Are there any questions I should ask before buying insurance?

Car Insurance Questions--Before you Buy

There are many car insurance questions you should ask when you do an auto insurance quote comparison. Here are just a few:

  1. Are the limits reasonable? Lower limits allow your insurance company to take on less risk and results in lower premiums for you, as it lowers the maximum amount of money they will have to pay out on a claim. But if your car is worth more than your limits, you could be in big trouble if your car is totaled and you don't get enough to replace it.
  2. Are the deductibles affordable? The deductible is the amount of money you must pay out of pocket for any claims. While a high deductible affords you a low premium, you may be setting yourself up for financial failure if you can't actually afford to pay your deductible.
  3. Does the insurer offer online account management? If you're busy and don't like the idea of having to call every time you have a question about your policy, then take the time to make sure your insurer offers online account management.
Remember, it isn't enough to get a cheap auto insurance policy. Instead, choose a policy that actually fits your needs.



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