Combining Homeowners Insurance and Auto Coverage

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Can I get discounts on other insurance coverage through my auto insurance company?

Combining Homeowners Insurance and Auto Coverage

Many auto insurance companies have a great added benefit that consumers would be very smart to use--and that benefit is a multiple policy discount. Now, a multiple policy discount doesn't just mean that you have multiple auto insurance policies with one insurer; it means you have multiple lines of insurance with just one insurance company. Often, these consolidated insurance policy baskets offer big discounts that can make an even bigger difference to your budget.

For example, let's say you're in the market for a new home. While you work to find the home of your dreams, you're likely searching for an insurance policy to protect it. Rather than conduct a house insurance comparison among insurance companies that you have no other policy with, why not find out the rates for a homeowners insurance policy through the company that you currently have your auto insurance with? That way, you can see if you get any discounts by bundling your coverages. Then, you can do a house insurance comparison with other companies to make sure that the discounts create the cheapest policy possible.



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