Credit History and Auto Insurance

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Can my credit history affect my auto insurance policy?

Credit History and Auto Insurance

One of the many things that auto insurance companies consider when issuing your auto insurance rates if your credit history. Auto insurance credit history is extremely important because your credit experience can be indicative of your driving risk. For instance, if you take your credit seriously and act responsibly with it, it's likely that you'll be a responsible driver. If you're reckless with your credit or don't pay your bills on time, then it's possible you won't be responsible when driving either.

Several states, including Utah and Tennessee, will not allow an insurer to cancel your insurance policy or refuse to renew your policy based on your credit rating alone. However, in many more states, this is not the case, so you should be sure to protect your credit both before and after you're issued an auto insurance policy.

While you don't have to have perfect credit to get an auto insurance policy, those with extremely low scores (599 or less) will generally feel the sting of their low credit in their auto insurance bill. Be sure to pay your credit card bills on time, use credit responsibly, and watch your credit report for errors.



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