Average Car Insurance Rates by State

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Do car insurance rates vary by state?

Average Car Insurance Rates by State

You might not realize it, but the state you live in could have a lot to do with the car insurance rates you're charged. The average car insurance rates by state vary widely due to many different criteria, including:

  • Population: If you live in a highly populated area with many city drivers, you can expect to be charged higher auto insurance rates than those who live in more rural areas. That's because the more drivers there are out there, the more risky your daily commute will be. There's increased opportunity to run into impaired, inexperienced, or irresponsible drivers on the roadways.
  • Location risks: The state you live in may have a lot of inherent weather- or location-related risks. States like Alaska that expose drivers to dangerous, icy roads or Louisiana where hurricane damage is an annual reality increase the risk of comprehensive and accident damage that your insurer takes on when they issue your policy.
While it's doubtful that anyone would move in order to find a lower auto insurance rate, it is possible to fight against these charges by increasing your deductibles, lowering your limits, and taking any available precautions to make your car and driving less exposed to risks.



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