Do I Need Comprehensive Auto Coverage?

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Do I need comprehensive auto coverage?

Do I Need Comprehensive Auto Coverage?

Not every insurable incident is caused by an accident. Sometimes cars are vandalized or stolen. Other times, mother nature plays a role by sending hail, snow, rain, or wind to damage a car or force tree limbs to fall on it.

When one of these incidents occurs, drivers may find they have no insurance recourse to recover damages if they simply bought the minimal insurance that their state requires. No state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry comprehensive auto coverage. Comprehensive auto coverage covers all those horrible incidents that can happen to your car while you aren't driving it and even while you're nowhere near it.

The required coverage in almost every state is a liability coverage--usually bodily injury liability and property damage liability. That means the states are looking out for innocent victims of your driving. As far as insuring your own interests, that's up to you and can easily be done with the purchase of comprehensive auto coverage. Remember to choose limits that will make you whole and deductibles you can afford.



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