Moving and Auto Insurance

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If I move, do I need to tell my auto insurance carrier?

Moving and Auto Insurance

Many factors go into determining your auto insurance rates, including:

  • age
  • credit rating
  • driving history
  • car make and model
  • safety features
  • limits
  • deductibles
  • the state you live in
While many consumers are familiar with most of the items on this list, still others don't realize that the state they live in has a huge impact on the insurance rates they're charged and requirements they must adhere to.

In this day of online account management, many people get their auto insurance statement online and pay their bill online. This can cause a real problem when moving and auto insurance collide, because it leads many consumers to neglect to tell their auto insurance company that they've moved, which could put them out of compliance in their new state.

So don't forget, moving and auto insurance are like oil and water--they don't mix. The next time you move, be sure to let your auto insurance company know and update your insurance policy accordingly.



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