Auto Insurance for Seniors

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Is it difficult for seniors to get auto insurance?

Auto Insurance for Seniors

Finding auto insurance for senior citizens is a challenging proposition. Unfortunately, as we age, we reach a point at which our driving no longer improves and can actually decline due to health, poor eyesight, slow reflexes. or even neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia. At this point in our driving lives, we may find that insurance is difficult to get or cost prohibitive when we do get it. There are some things that can help auto insurance for senior citizens become more of a reality.

  • AARP: AARP has many auto insurance for senior citizens programs that seniors can buy into.
  • Professional groups and unions: If you're a member of a professional group or union, you can check to see if they offer any access to discounted auto insurance plans.
  • Things to remember: There are a couple of things you can do to prevent tickets and help keep your insurance costs low:
    1. Be sure to keep your glasses prescriptions up to date if you're going to continue driving.
    2. Be sure to adapt your driving habits to any compromised health situation you may have. For instance, if you have trouble seeing at night, make sure you do not create any obligations that make night driving a necessity.



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