Student Car Insurance

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Student Car Insurance

Most parents will agree, young drivers are hard to insure! Statistically young drivers have the most accidents and most moving violations due to their inexperience. There are some things young drivers can do to get affordable student car insurance.

Good grades matter. Most insurance companies offer what is called a "good student discount". The thought process being that students who get good grades are often more responsible and careful about their daily activities. The typical GPA required for a good student discount is a 3.0 or B average.

Companies typically give a discount for a young driver who has completed a driver education course or a defensive driving course. Many public schools offer driver education courses and many private driving schools offer defensive driving courses as well. Be sure to choose a private school that is DMV approved. Upon successful completion a certificate is given to the student driver and it can be sent to the insurance for discount.

The most important thing a young driver can do is to maintain a good driving record. Remaining accident and moving violation free is very important in obtaining and keeping affordable student car insurance.



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