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What are the advantages of using a car insurance broker?

The Car Insurance Broker Advantage

Car insurance brokers offer a host of services and advantages to car owners shopping for auto insurance. First, car insurance brokers are specialists in auto coverage, and can provide more options, discounts, and lower premiums than an individual insurance company agent or website.

Auto insurance brokers also provide expert advice and can offer assistance when you file a claim. Online car insurance brokers provide service any time, any where to anyone with an Internet connection.

What protections do car insurance brokers offer their clients?

The Car Insurance Broker: Assurances and Practices

Car owners shopping for auto insurance are offered certain protections when working with a car insurance broker. Brokers are regulated, and their work must conform to industry standards and practices.

Auto insurance brokers also represent a number of insurance companies -- they have no reason to play favorites -- so they can help you select the company and policy that best fit your specific needs. Online car insurance brokers provide any time, any where service to anyone with an Internet connection.


How is A Quote From A Broker Different?

Auto insurance brokers need customers - that's how they make money. So when you go in or go online to receive a quote for your auto insurance that auto insurance broker is going to do the best job possible to give you a price you can afford and are happy with. A car insurance broker will have relationships with many auto insurance companies. That means no matter what kind of insurance you need, from business to high point insurance, they probably have a contact at a company and can give you a quote.

But why go to someone's office and sit for a half hour when you can get quotes in the comfort of your own home? Receiving auto quotes online lets you shop those same companies without having to spend money on gas or even get dressed to go outside! Plus an online broker will have more companies to choose from and that means you will have a better chance of getting a great, low rate for your auto insurance quote. Plus, when you get your quotes online you have access to an agent to ask questions, but you don't have to worry about sitting across from someone that is going to give you an insurance sales pitch. is an independent auto insurance broker that can contact multiple companies and help you select the right company.


Should I Buy Insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent?

Independent insurance agents, also known as car insurance brokers or independent auto insurance brokers, are men and women who sell insurance. They are not employees of one auto insurance company so if you call an auto insurance broker they are most interested in getting you a policy with them, not with one particular auto insurance company. The responsibilities of auto insurance agent brokers are to you, the buyer, as much as they are to the companies they work with.

While companies may give agents incentives or even have contests that might make them more responsive to one company over another, they will still give you all the options they have available.

The difference between an in-person broker and an independent insurance agent from an agency like is simple; has access to many more companies than an in-person broker does. Different brokers will represent different companies and usually one in-person broker will only represent up to six or seven companies. Getting your insurance quote online gives you access to almost all of the car insurance companies you could think of. Plus a few that you might never have heard of but have great ratings. Give it a try; you might save a lot of money you didn't know you could be saving.

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