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About Auto Insurance Claims

When you have been in an accident, you need to call your insurance agent and file a claim. Your agent may give you auto insurance claim advice to make the process easier and faster. Also, make sure you always follow your car insurance claim procedure as explained by your company, giving the most accurate explanation of the situation that happened.

Here are some other answers to questions and tips on settling auto insurance claims:

  1. Do auto insurance premiums rise after a claim? Not always, but sometimes. If you are with a company that offers first-accident forgiveness you may find your rate does not increase at all after an accident. If you don't have first accident forgiveness your premium may go up to the rate someone with an accident would pay.
  2. How to file claims with auto insurance after accident? A simple phone call is all that's required to file a claim. Some companies even have an online claim submission process. Making an auto insurance claim offer as soon as possible after the accident is critical to getting your car repaired fast.
  3. Should I file an auto insurance claim for my car? It depends on how much damage there is. If there is extensive damage or you feel your car may have to be replaced (and you have full coverage insurance) then a claim is a good idea, but if it is a small dent or repairs that may only be a little bit more expensive than your deductible you may want to take care of it and not risk having a higher insurance premium when your policy is renewed.

Does making an auto insurance claim have an effect on the cost of future policies?

Auto Insurance Claims Can Affect Your Car Insurance Policy

Depending on the policy type, your car insurance coverage may need to be renewed every 6 to 12 months. During this renewal evaluation, your car insurance company may opt to cancel your insurance rather than renew your policy. The main factors contributing to your renewal evaluation are:
*Driving record for the last period of coverage for everyone on the policy
*Credit problems (including bankruptcy)
The number one factor that can affect your renewal is the frequency of filed claims. When deciding to file claims this is one thing you should take under serious consideration. Insurance companies assess whether or not a customer is an acceptable risk and therefore a candidate for policy renewal.

When should I not file a claim against my auto insurance policy?

When NOT to File an Auto Insurance Claim

Just because you have auto insurance on your car does not mean you should always file a claim.

* If the problem with your car is maintenance-related, do not file a claim.
* If the cost of the repair is less than your car insurance deductible, do not file a claim. (You're going to have to pay anyway; why risk the almost certain increase in your monthly premium?)

There is some evidence to suggest that simply inquiring about filing a claim can count against you when your car insurance policy is reviewed, so submit a claim with care.

What steps should I take to effectively file an auto insurance claim?

Filing a Car Insurance Claim: Step-by-Step

No matter what happens to your auto -- an accident, fire, flood, theft, or vandalism -- you should call your car insurance agent immediately, even if you are out of the state. Find out what paperwork he or she requires and send them copies as soon as possible, keeping the originals. Also keep track of any expenses you incur during the auto insurance claim process. If you are not be at fault for the accident, your expenses may be covered by the car insurance company of the party at fault.

Where can I go to get a damage estimate on my filed auto insurance claim?

Where Can I Go To Get A Damage Estimate On My Filed Auto Insurance Claim?

You can have a damage estimate performed by any body shop certified to do so. The body shop that does the estimate will need all of your insurance information to process your claim. Your agent will have a list of preferred body shops that provide estimates. The estimates performed by preferred body shops are free and process electronically with your insurance company for payment. This will speed up the overall time of your auto insurance claim.

How can I file an auto insurance claim for items that were stolen from my vehicle?

File An Auto Insurance Claim For Stolen Items From Your Vehicle

Time is crucial whether responding to an accident or theft. Call the police to file a report and then call your agent without delay. Details are very important when speaking about the nature of the theft. Be as thorough as possible when speaking with your agent. If you have receipts for the items in questions make sure that you make them available with your claim. A word of caution, your car insurance policy may not cover some of the items reported stolen.

What do I need to do if I am in an auto accident?

Auto Accidents: What You Need to Know to File a Car Insurance Claim

Auto accidents can be scary and can leave you shaken, but you must not forget to take the proper steps to make sure your accident is covered by your car insurance policy.

First, have a police officer visit the scene of the accident and file a police report. Then notify your auto insurance company immediately.

They will require the following documents to process your insurance claim:
* The claim form
* A copy of the police report
* A copy of your license and registration
* The final bill for damaged parts.

What do I do when I have an auto insurance claim against an uninsured driver?

Making an auto insurance claim when the other driver is uninsured

Stress and frustration both describe how you can feel during an auto accident. This is a trying time and can be full of confusion and high emotion. What do you do if you have to make an auto insurance claim and the other driver is uninsured? First of all, don't panic. This is not a time to worry about rates or damage liability. Make sure that you make a list of any and all damage suffered by both vehicles as well as any physical or property damage.
A simple disposable camera carried in your glove compartment can serve as irrefutable proof of the scope of the accident. Collect any and all information you can gather on the other driver; this includes their driver's license, license plate number, VIN number, and contact information.
Call your insurance agent as soon as possible and explain that you are filing a claim and that the other driver is uninsured. Your agent will be able to inform you of all of the actions your company will take to assess the situation. Most states require liability insurance which will protect you in such a situation. Call your agent today and make sure that you have liability coverage added to your policy.

How can I check the status of my auto insurance claim?

How To Check The Status Of An Auto Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies release claim information through emails or official status reports by snail-mail. If you are curious about how your claim is coming along a friendly phone call to your agent never hurts. At that time you can ask any additional questions you may have concerning your claim such as estimate disputes. Maintaining a good rapport with your insurance agent will keep the situation moving smoothly from appraisal to estimate.

What steps should I take to prepare for filing an auto insurance claim?

Preparing to File a Car Insurance Claim

Before you file a claim against your car insurance policy, make sure you know the answers to the following questions:

* How much liability coverage do I currently have?
* Do I live in a no-fault insurance state?
* And what is my collision and comprehensive coverage deductible?
* Knowing these pieces of information will determine whether or not you eventually file the claim.

If the cost of your auto insurance deductible is higher than the cost of the claim, for example, you shouldn't file the claim, which automatically raises your car insurance premium costs.

Where can I go to get a damage estimate on my filed auto insurance claim?

How Soon After I File My Auto Insurance Claim Can I Take My Car In For Repairs?

You can send in your car for repairs as soon as you file your claim. Availability of parts and labor are the only determining factor regarding how quickly you can have work done of our vehicle. Your insurance company should have a list of preferred list of body shops that may be able to facilitate your repairs in a timely manner.

How Fast Are Auto Insurance Claims Processed?

How Fast Are Auto Insurance Claims Processed?

Auto insurance claims are processed in accordance to each individual company's prerogative. A company may have a number of claims to process at any given time. Each agent will have a list of claims to process in that time. Most claims are processed within a week of filing. Extenuating circumstances such as extended investigation or disputes over estimates. Each company strives to process each claim in the most efficient manner possible.

When is the appraiser needed for the auto insurance claim?

The Role Of An Appraiser In The Auto Insurance Claim Process

Appraisers are dispatched on an as-needed basis. Usually an appraiser can estimate damages through police reports and any evidence provided by the customer such as photos. Sometimes body shops are contracted to appraise the damages sustained from an auto accident. The appraiser can ascertain information from their finding. Whether the appraiser is personally on site for a review or assesses through other means your claim will be handled with the same level of efficiency and professionalism.

What are the procedures for filing a claim against my auto insurance policy when my car is stolen?

Filing a Car Insurance Claim on Your Stolen Vehicle

If your auto is stolen, your initial response should be similar to any auto accident. First, have a police officer visit the scene and file a police report. Then notify your car insurance company immediately. They will require the following documents: the claim form, a copy of the police report, and a copy of your license and registration. Auto insurance claims for stolen vehicles always take longer to process, because the police are given a reasonable amount of time to locate the stolen car.

How can agents help with filing an auto insurance claim?

Agents Can Help When You Are Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

Signing with a car insurance agent can help you during the claims process. There are two main types of agents: captive agents who represent one type of insurance (ex: Allstate or AAA) and independent agents who represent several companies. Independent agents may also be referred to as brokers. When you sign on with an agent, you will generally have an advantage during the claims process. The agent wants to make you happy with the car insurance policy that he or she suggested, and will work hard to get your auto insurance claim resolved. The agent or broker also has familiarity in dealing with the claim process and can assist you with any questions you may have.

How do I file an auto insurance claim for vanadism?

Filing An Auto Insurance Claim For Vandalism

Remember that the most important thing is to leave the damage intact for law enforcement to make a report. Make sure you speak with the officer on scene to find out where to get a copy of the report as your agent will need this information in the future. It is also a good idea to take down your own documentation covering what you feel is damage-related. Your insurance company's appraiser will also want to inspect the damage, so any extra information you can provide will be of value. Call your agent as soon as possible to file a claim.

How can I file an auto insurance claim quickly and easily?

Filing An Auto Insurance Claim Online

Most insurance companies now allow their customers to file auto insurance claims online. While the general rule in the past has been to “call immediately” after a decision to file a claim has been made, there are some things to consider. Assessing the damage of your car can be a nerve wracking experience. Major damage is easily visible but what about the unseen problems an accident can cause? Slippage, alignment, even engine or transmission damage are things that aren't noticeable at first glance. Exchanging insurance information and then going home can give you a chance for a closer look. This can also give you some much needed time to think about whether or not you wish to file an auto insurance claim.

The process to file an auto insurance claim online is easy. The interactive online forms are easy to fill out, with clearly defined areas to type in your car insurance policy information. Expect a call from your insurance agent within the next few business days to review the auto insurance claim.

What are the procedures for filing a claim against my auto insurance policy when my car is a total loss?

Filing a Car Insurance Claim When Your Car is a Total Loss

If you are involved in a serious auto accident, and your car is deemed a total loss, you must turn over the car, the registration, and all duplicate keys to your car insurance company during the automobile insurance claim process.

You must also transfer the ownership of the car to the auto insurance company and submit a letter of indemnity and subrogation.

How do witnesses help when posting an auto insurance claim?

Witnesses Are Key To Posting An Auto Insurance Claim.

So you've made an auto insurance claim, now what? After adjusters, appraisers, and examiners have looked over your claim and made their assessments an insurance claim investigator will be deployed to gather further information if needed. These investigators will perform interviews with those filing claims when necessary, and also interview any witnesses available. Having witnesses at the scene of an accident is not enough, there must be documentation made by local law enforcement which will be used by the investigator to contact all involved parties. At the scene of the accident it is important to make sure that the witnesses stay until law enforcement arrives. Talk with the witnesses; ask them to wait until law enforcement can take their statements into record. Their accounts of the accident are essential to determine the outcome of the auto insurance claim.

How can I resolve disagreements about my auto insurance claim?

Dissolving Disagreements About Your Auto Insurance Claim

If your estimate is not what you were expecting, a friendly call to your insurance agent can alleviate any troubles you are having. Usually an initial miscommunication is the cause of these disagreements and upon further review the problem can be eliminated. Remember that your claim is processed thoroughly to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
If the estimate is still in question you can enact the appraisal clause. Essentially this is a clause that either you or the insurer can use to bring in an independent appraiser to make a ruling.

When should I file a claim against my auto insurance policy?

When to File an Auto Insurance Claim

It is in your best interest to file a claim against your auto insurance policy in some specific situations. For example, if another party is involved in your auto accident, notify your car insurance company immediately. Regardless of the scope of the accident, letting your insurance company knows helps protect you against any type of lawsuit that could result. You should also file an insurance claim if you have an accident and the party at fault does not have auto insurance, or if you are at fault and the other party is injured in the accident. Your auto insurance will protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

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