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What are online defensive driving courses?

Online Defensive Driving Courses: The Basics

If you have points on your driver's license, and your car insurance premiums are creeping upward, consider taking an online defensive driving course. Defensive driving courses emphasize safe driving habits and remind motorists of simple, life-saving traffic laws. Taking the online course will help you dismiss traffic tickets and bring your car insurance premiums down. Online defensive driving courses can be taken in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

What is the advantage of taking an online defensive driving course?

The Advantages of Online Defensive Driving Courses

Online defensive driving courses allow you to gain all the advantages of taking the course on your time, at your pace, in your home. No more traveling to inconveniently located government buildings during the work week -- you can take online defensive driving courses anywhere you are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most government agencies will dismiss a ticket for successful completion of the course, and most insurance companies will give you a 10 percent discount as well.

Can I take a defensive driving course if I do not have access to the Internet?

Alternatives to Online Defensive Driving Courses

Many online defensive driving course websites also offer a version of the course on VHS or DVD. Simply order the course -- either online or via telephone -- and take the course anywhere you are, at your pace, on your time. Video defensive driving courses offer the same advantages of online defensive driving courses: most government agencies will dismiss a ticket for successful completion of the course, and most insurance companies will give you a 10 percent discount as well.

Are online defensive driving courses approved in all U.S. states?

State Approval of Online Defensive Driving Courses

State approval of online defensive driving courses or driver improvement courses vary. Verify your state's position on online defensive driving before you begin any course. Most online training websites provide a list of states that approve and accept their defensive driving course certification. Consult the list, then sign up online. Most courses only take six hours to complete and can be taken anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


How Can Defensive Driving Help Me?

If you want to turn your regular auto insurance into budget auto insurance, one way you might be able to get the premium lower is through a defensive driving class. If you're wondering, "What is defensive driving?" There are two definitions but they both mean basically the same thing:

  1. A course or series of courses you can take at your local department of motor vehicles or licensing station that will give you a certificate upon completion. The class covers defensive driving tips, defensive driving facts, and other things that can help make you a safer driver and lower your auto insurance premium by providing your certificate of completion.
  2. Even if you do not have a certificate program or your auto insurance agent does not give a discount for your certificate, when you are able to define defensive driving you can then use those techniques in your everyday driving to make you a safer driver. Safe drivers always have lower premiums than drivers who aren't paying as much attention, because they get into fewer accidents.
The use of defensive driving is always a great idea, but many insurers will only give you the discount if you're either under 25 or over 55 and were not required to take the class.

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