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What is the best way to lower my car insurance rates?

Lower Your Car Insurance Rates Now

There are many ways you can lower your car insurance rates immediately.

* You can narrow the scope of your car insurance policy by eliminating certain types of coverage or by lowering the coverage amounts.
* You can also set higher deductibles for some coverage options.
* You might also consider changing your car: buy a model equipped with safety features and a record of dependability.
* Last but not least, shop auto insurance quotes online and compare to get the best rates.

Why are my auto insurance rates determined by my residence?

Auto Insurance Rates Are Affected By Where You Live

When you are getting insurance quotes, one of the first pieces of information that you are required to give is your ZIP code. Auto insurance specialists determine rates by the risks associated with your ZIP code. This risk assessment is called your ZIP code's “loss history.” The loss history includes the history of claims in your area, crime rate and the number of drivers. Areas that have higher traffic will have increased risks of accidents and, therefore, higher costs to the insurance company. Areas that have a history of theft or vandalism will also have higher auto insurance rates. Unfortunately, unless you move to another location, you have no control over the higher insurance rates in your ZIP code.

Why should I research cheap car insurance rates?

Research Cheap Car Insurance Rates Carefully

Most individuals are focused only on the price of their car insurance quotes. The goal for many is to get the lowest possible monthly premium. Insurance payments seem unnecessary to some, but are required by law in most states. If you are searching only for the cheapest car insurance rates, you may miss out on some valuable policy features. Before you accept a low car insurance quote, make sure it is offering all of the features that you need. Read all of the policy details carefully and decide what types of coverage you need. Sometimes cheap car insurance rates do not provide adequate coverage.

How can I find low auto insurance rates?

Shop Around For Low Auto Insurance Rates

Finding an auto insurance rate for your circumstances and car type requires that you do your homework. You can use the Internet to compare policies and find the best rates. Determine what type of coverage you need in your auto insurance policy. While all states have a minimum level of coverage that they require, it is recommended that you get more than the minimum. If you were to get in an accident and only had the minimum coverage, the repairs and liability could cost you thousands. Although you want to find low auto insurance rates remember not to sacrifice quality coverage for the sake of a low price.

Will my car insurance price change when my policy is renewed?

Predicting Changes In Car Insurance Prices

Even after you've received a car insurance quote and been with an insurance company for some time, you may have car insurance price changes when your policy is renewed. Sometimes the change in car insurance prices is beneficial to you. You may find that your rates decrease when you renew your auto insurance policy. Sometimes you may qualify for a new discount offered by the insurance company due to a move or another life change.

However, changes in car insurance prices are not always made in your favor. If you've had an accident or violation during the last coverage period, your car insurance price may increase. You may also experience increases in your rates due to factors outside of your control. Your state may pass new laws regarding auto insurance premiums that increase your rate.

Why do gaps in coverage change my auto insurance rates?

Gaps In Coverage Can Lead to Higher Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance companies have determined that drivers with gaps in their coverage history are risky to insure. They would prefer to give low auto insurance rates to individuals who have maintained auto insurance coverage consistently. Drivers who do not maintain their coverage are a greater risk for insurance companies. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that you are always covered by an auto insurance policy. Even a gap in coverage for one day can adversely affect your future insurance rates. If you already have gaps in your insurance coverage history, make it a point to maintain coverage consistently so you can positively change your record.

How does my family's driving record determine my car insurance rate?

Your Family's Driving Record Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

Multi-car/multi-driver discount auto insurance is available if you are planning on having a family car insurance policy. However, keep in mind that when you add additional people to your car insurance policy the insurance company will evaluate their driving records. If you or one of your family members has a violation on the driving record, this can adversely affect the car insurance rate for the entire group. As a result, you could be subject to higher auto insurance premiums. Before you consider switching to a multi-driver policy, make sure you know the details of your family members' driving records. It may serve you better to keep separate policies.

How does the color of a car affect auto insurance rates?

Automobile Color and Your Car Insurance Rates

The color of your car is more than just a personal preference in the car insurance game. The color of your car can actually have an impact on your car insurance rates.

* Red cars historically get pulled over for speeding violations at a higher rate.
* Dark cars with tinted windows are harder to see at night and therefore have a greater chance of being involved in an auto accident.
* Silver cars are a hazard in locations, like the Pacific Northwest, where rain and fog are a frequent weather condition.

Will my car insurance rates go up if I make a claim?

How Claims Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Studies conducted by statisticians and actuaries show that a driver who has had an accident or received a ticket for a traffic violation is more likely to have an accident or receive a ticket in coming years.

As a result, car insurance companies charge drivers who have filed auto insurance claims against their policy higher auto insurance rates. In fact, insured drivers who simply inquire about making a claim against their insurance can see their car insurance rates rise. To find the best car insurance rates, shop for cheap car insurance online.


Auto Insurance Rates

There are many factors to determining the cost of auto insurance rates including which part of the country that you reside in. If you live in California and have a 2001 Ford Taurus your insurance rate may be $175 a month but if you have the same type of vehicle with the exact same amount of coverage but live in Florida your rate may be $100 a month.

Another key factor in the auto insurance rates will depend on your driving record. If you have a clean driving record over a five to seven year period of time than your insurance rate will be less than someone that has had vehicle violations or accidents. The amount of years will vary depending on the state that you reside in.

By making a few phone calls to insurance companies in your area you may be able to save a lot of money without much effort at all. Make sure that you compare all the same aspects of your insurance policy that you currently have to make sure you are receiving a quality comparision.


Auto Insurance Rate Differences

There are many factors that can cause your car insurance rate to be higher or lower. If you want to avoid surprises, make sure to keep in mind that car insurance rates for teens are very very high. No matter how great a driver your teen is, adding them to your insurance is going to hurt a little. Make sure if you have a teen you find a company that has a way to make the addition hurt less. Some companies let your teen watch a safe driving video for a discount, others give a discount for being on the honor roll. Check and see what your company offers. If they don't offer anything, maybe you are not getting the best car insurance rate for your situation.

Passing fifty-five years old can also increase your rate. Check with your company if there is a defensive driving certificate you can get from the motor vehicle department to lower your rate or if there are other discounts you can receive that are age based. If there aren't any, compare rates for car insurance and search for companies that will give discounts complimentary to your situation. You may not always be able to get a cheap car insurance rate, but checking around and asking about discounts can make your insurance less expensive.


Commercial Car Insurance Quotes

If you own a business and are looking to get the very best car insurance rate for your fleet, you need to be willing to dedicate some time to compare car insurance rates. It will still be much faster to get your quote online than it will be if you drive to an office and have a full appointment, but there are more questions to be answered about your fleet. When you purchase commercial car insurance all the levels of coverage will be consistent and how often the cars are on the road are very important factors to take into consideration. New car insurance rates will be more expensive than the car insurance rate on used cars.

If you have questions regarding commercial car insurance quotes, ask an agent online and make sure you are getting the coverage you need based on the driving records of your drivers as well as making sure your drivers are all listed as allowed on your policy. When you have a new hire, always have your auto insurance company do a check before adding them to the policy so you know if they will cost you more in premium than they will make for you in sales.

Why do I need to provide my mileage usage to get a car insurance rate quote?

Driving More Leads to Higher Car Insurance Rates

When you are obtaining a car insurance quote, you will be asked to estimate your annual mileage. From the perspective of a car insurance company, more driving puts you at more risk. If you are out on the road for many miles everyday, there are more opportunities for you to get in an accident. When you are in an accident that means the car insurance company has to pay for repairs and liability. Like any business, insurance companies want to save money. Therefore, if your driving habits are going to potentially cost them more money, you will have to pay higher car insurance rates

How can I get the best car insurance rates?

Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates By Improving Your Driving Record

Your car insurance rate can be adversely affected by any violations on your driving record. After the violation occurs, you can expect your auto insurance rates to be higher for the next three years. In order to get the best car insurance rates, you must improve your driving record. In some cases, you can help your situation and future car insurance rates by attending traffic school. If your violation is eligible for traffic school, it is recommended that you take the opportunity to improve your driving record. Individuals who have clean driving records can receive good driver discounts so it is worth the effort to improve your record.

Why does my car insurance company want to know when I received my driver's license?

Driving History Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Quote

You may have to pay more for your auto insurance if you are a newer driver. Some auto insurance quotes are affected by the length of time you have been a licensed driver. In some states, the primary driver for each car on the insurance policy must have at least three years of driving experience. Keep in mind that if part of your driving experience has been in another country you can apply up to 18 months toward the three year qualifying period. If you are a newer driver, and not able to get an auto insurance quote from a certain company, than you may be added to another family member's auto insurance policy.

Why is my gender requires for a car insurance quote?

Gender Can Affect A Car Insurance Quote

In order to generate an auto insurance quote, auto insurance companies must make generalizations about types of people. These generalizations are based on past performance of different groups of individuals. Generalizations regarding gender can affect the price you receive in your car insurance quote. Young men between the ages of 16 to 25 are statistically more unsafe behind the wheel than females in the same age bracket. They typically drive more and take more risks behind the wheel than female drivers. As a result, men in this age bracket will pay more for auto insurance. However, the gender cap for car insurance quotes closes for older men.

How does age affect car insurance rates?

Age Affects Car Insurance Rates

Young drivers are the most at risk for making mistakes and causing accidents. Therefore, drivers under 25 statistically pay high rates for young drivers car insurance. They are more likely to file an auto insurance claim or take part in a moving violation. This is especially true for young male drivers. They are riskier behind the wheel than female drivers of the same age. Lower auto insurance rates generally don't come until a young person turns 25 years old. After that point, insurance companies offer discounts. These discounts increase as a person grows older, and many insurance companies offer mature driver discounts for people over the age of 50.

How does bad credit affect my auto insurance rate?

Your Credit Score Will Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate

Credit is an important part of your financial picture. Not only does it affect your ability to get loans and purchase a home, but it can also affect your ability to obtain car insurance. Ninety percent of U.S. Insurance companies use credit based insurance scores to determine your eligibility for payment. The credit-based insurance scores also help the insurance company to establish your auto insurance rate. Why should your credit matter to an auto insurance company? Your payment history with lenders and money management skills are used as a prediction of how well you will pay your auto insurance bills. In fact, research analysts have discovered that your credit score can predict your potential for car accidents.

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