Witnesses Are Key To Posting An Auto Insurance Claim.

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How do witnesses help when posting an auto insurance claim?

Witnesses Are Key To Posting An Auto Insurance Claim.

So you've made an auto insurance claim, now what? After adjusters, appraisers, and examiners have looked over your claim and made their assessments an insurance claim investigator will be deployed to gather further information if needed. These investigators will perform interviews with those filing claims when necessary, and also interview any witnesses available. Having witnesses at the scene of an accident is not enough, there must be documentation made by local law enforcement which will be used by the investigator to contact all involved parties. At the scene of the accident it is important to make sure that the witnesses stay until law enforcement arrives. Talk with the witnesses; ask them to wait until law enforcement can take their statements into record. Their accounts of the accident are essential to determine the outcome of the auto insurance claim.



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