How Do Points Affect my Car Insurance?

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How Do Points Affect my Car Insurance?

Most states operate under a system where motorist violations are worth a certain number of points. The more severe an offense, the more points are placed on your driving record. Points and car insurance are tied together because points mean your car insurance will be more expensive. There is even high point car insurance available to drivers with a high number of points on their license.

In most cases, car insurance points drop off after a certain amount of time, so points are not on your record forever. You may be required to get insurance quotes, auto liability only, for high point auto insurance if you have high point levels on your license. If you want to know, "how much will car insurance go up for points?" the best way to find out is to get auto owners insurance quotes based on the number of points you have now. If that means you're calling around for high point auto insurance quotes, that is okay, because even when you are getting high point coverage, you should still make sure you are getting the best rate from a company that will be with you even after your points drop off and you can get regular auto insurance again.



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