Business Car Insurance

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Business Car Insurance

If you are a business owner you will need to have a specific insurance that covers your vehicles with business car insurance. Many individuals believe their cars are covered by regular car insurance, but if you use your vehicle for deliveries or for any aspect of your business you must have business insurance on it. The reason for the specific insurance is due to having an accident while you or one of your employees are driving for your business, if this is not specified and it is only covered by your regular vehicle insurance you may not be covered in case of an accident.

In some states you may have the option of adding your business insurance to your existing policy that you have with your vehicles and your home, but this will have specific instructions to be used for your business.

For state specifics and information for your situation you will want to check with your personal agent to be certain about any discounts that you may qualify for and what is needed for your business car insurance needs.



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