Auto Insurance Definitions: Exclusions

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In my car insurance policy, what is an exclusion?

Auto Insurance Definitions: Exclusions

Your car insurance policy lists items, situations, and circumstances that are NOT insured.

Examples of auto insurance Exclusions include:
* A loss that occurs when someone not insured by your car insurance is at fault;
* A loss that is deliberately caused;
* A loss that occurs during a time period when car insurance premiums are unpaid or overdue;
* A loss that occurs as the result of war, civil unrest, rebellion, or revolution.



9/11/2007 9:13:28 AM
willie said:

i would like to know if my policy can be dropped if there is a claim against it.

2/26/2009 12:30:10 PM
hfkdskfkdjshfkhdks said:

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