Removing Auto Insurance Points from Your Driver's Record

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Can I get points taken off my driver's license to lower my auto insurance cost?

Removing Auto Insurance Points from Your Driver's Record

In U.S. states where points are used to monitor moving violations on your driving record, drivers have several options for removing or reducing those points to drive down car insurance costs.

* In many states, a year of point-free driving (no violations) can remove as many as three points off of your driver's record.
* You can also deduct points by taking part in a driver improvement course or a defensive driving course.
* If you commit a traffic violation and are concerned about the points on your license, retaining a good attorney is the first step to reducing the resulting points.

At any rate, you are going to need insurance in the interim no matter what. To find a high-point car insurance company, shop online. Even if your coverage is expensive, you will have options. Use that high cost of car insurance to motivate you to be a better driver!



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