Filing a Car Insurance Claim on Your Stolen Vehicle

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What are the procedures for filing a claim against my auto insurance policy when my car is stolen?

Filing a Car Insurance Claim on Your Stolen Vehicle

If your auto is stolen, your initial response should be similar to any auto accident. First, have a police officer visit the scene and file a police report. Then notify your car insurance company immediately. They will require the following documents: the claim form, a copy of the police report, and a copy of your license and registration. Auto insurance claims for stolen vehicles always take longer to process, because the police are given a reasonable amount of time to locate the stolen car.



7/19/2006 3:42:06 AM
adrian hernandez said:

My vehicle was stolen in CA, by law,what is the required docs that the insurance company must have in order to payout. I bought my vehicle at a used car lot cash -he vehicle was from out of state, my car got stolen 3 weeks after and the title was never put in my name. I do have the out of state title though/.


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